A sample list of subjects taught at the Institute is given below :

  • Financial Accounting

  • Cost and Management Accounting

  • Accounting and Finance for Managers

  • Financial Management / Corporate Finance

Working Capital Management - dealing with Management of overall working capital, inventory management, receivables management, cash management, payables management, working capital policies and other related topics.

Capital Budgeting, Project Finance and Management - dealing with feasibility study of projects, project financing, financial appraisal techniques such as Pay Back Period, IRR, NPV, dealing with risks in capital budgeting and related topics.

International Financial Management - dealing with international economics, balance of payments, foreign exchange markets, foreign exchange risk management, international working capital management, international financing and investment strategies and related topics.

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management - dealing with components of investment risk, valuation of securities, economy-industry-company analysis, technical analysis, efficient market hypothesis, portfolio selection and analysis, mutual funds and related topics.

Management of Financial Services - dealing with financial system and markets, management of risk in financial services, stock exchange, broking and trading in equity and debt, mutual funds, merchant banking services, leasing, hire purchase, debt securitisation, credit rating, factoring and related topics.

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