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    I am an alumni of Kalyani Institue of Finance. I have no words to express my gratitude for Mrs. Kalyani Ramachandran and her valuable guidance. Her coaching involves detailed analysis of each component of finance, accounting and costing and untiring efforts to make the student understand the concepts. The concepts are reinforced so deep that it is impossible to forget them and their application in any practical situation is so easy.

    Ms. Rajshree Choudhari, ACS (CA)
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    I am a proud student of Kalyani Institute of Finance. My Search for a GURU ended at KIF. It is Kalyani madam who is responsible for my success. I have never come across any teacher who is so sensitive to the needs of the students as Kalyani madam is. She is very dedicated to her profession and is ready to transfer the vast knowledge she possesses to her students. Each student is important to her -- she checks on every students performance, reviews it and corrects it wherever they commit mistakes. She is ready to help you whenever you seek guidance. The whole credit for my passing of finance related papers of MBA program of ICFAI University goes to Kalyani madam. My academic background is in science and I did not know the ABC of Finance; but with the kind of coaching she gave me, I was able to pass out in my first attempt itself. Literally she stands behind the student to get him/her pass (not only pass but achieve a high percentage of marks!) in their corresponding exams. If you want to experience the taste of success, come to KIF and your success in your professional world is guaranteed!!

    Mr. Hafeez, MBA -- Marketing Officer, VA TECH WABAG LIMITED
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    I feel I ought to have joined Kalyani Institute of Finance during my school days -- provided Mrs. Kalyani Ramachandran would have taught me the school syllabus at that time! Mam is my role model for "how to do the best of the task taken" and for the kindness. She is special to me and she is also one among a very few. This is no exaggeration.

    I am thankful that Mam made me understand the concepts than just help me in passing the subject. I salute her for the hard work and efforts that she puts in to provide extra notes and guidance. I did not work for my exams as much as Mam worked for us. She cleared all my silly doubts and I was able to pass the exams. Her pronunciation of words, the stress and pause with actions helped me visualize and remember the concepts (invisible hand of the market is the first phrase that I still remember with the accompanying hand movement!). I thought it would be tiring to attend classes for 3 hours after the long office hours that I normally put in; but Mam made the classes so interesting that it was hard to believe that I had spent such long learning hours after the office hours!! We learnt, had fun and eagerly absorbed the extra knowledge in wide-ranging topics that she would impart in between the teaching of subjects. Her knowledge is immense and her sharing of knowledge gave a lot of exposure. Really everyone should benefit from her teaching service.

    Mr. KrishnaKumar, MCA., MBA.,
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    Kalyani Institute of Finance has made me a complete management professional. I really admire the knowledge and updated information that Mrs. Kalyani Ramachandran - KIF Director has in Accounting & Financial Management subjects. It is a great knowledge centre for persons from science and engineering backgrounds too.

    KIF Directors approach in imparting knowledge may change ones whole perception about Accounting and Finance subjects. Without boring the students by adopting conventional methods of teaching accountancy and finance she creates an overall interest in the subjects by her unique method of teaching and targets the twin objectives of acquiring subject knowledge and passing the exams!

    My opinion is that anybody who undergoes a course at KIF acquires knowledge for their life time.

    Mr. N.Prakash. B.E., M.B.A., - Consultant Engineer / Vahyu Technologies,Chennai